Office Manager Lexi Danielson, and the entire staff at Valley Driving School (Surrey) appreciate Raminder's skills and abilities, and have encouraged him to grow as an employee. The staff on numerous occasions has mentioned how they truly appreciate Raminder's joy being at work, and his eagerness to complete his tasks. The staff appreciates Raminder's cleaning skills, and his ability to greet customers and staff with a smile and a greeting.

Valley Driving School has definitely been a welcoming and inclusive workplace. All the staff is very kind and welcoming to fellow co-workers and to customers. This respectful behaviour has even encouraged Raminder to become very social. There has been a huge difference in Raminder and his confidence at work, and that is because he feels included and happy at work. It is the small things that Valley has done to make Raminder feel like he is a respected and supported employee. Such as making him his very own Valley t-shirt, having a drawer for his belongings, or just talking to him about his favourite hockey team, the Canucks.