“Guy recognized my positive attitude and he thought that I would be an excellent hostess in his restaurant, as well as a good fit with the other co-workers and the inclusive work environment he created.  By hiring me, Guy removed barriers that I was facing and allowed me to become a contributing citizen who enjoys the independence that employment creates.

As an employee who has some hearing and vision loss, my employer and co-workers are very patient with me.  If I don’t hear something they’ve said, they repeat it clearly.  They are also aware that my vision loss is increasing at night and they provide me with guidance by pointing at the tables that need clearing and where to seat customers.  My impact on the workplace has been positive, because my employer and my co-workers don’t see my disability.  I’ve been told by so many people that my personality attracts customers and enhances their experience.  Every one of my co-workers has been supportive by ensuring that I have a safe working environment, encouraging me and including me in their social time.”Michaela – White Spot Staff Member